Monday, August 22, 2005

Who dropped the ball?

Lazer's plan to save Gush Katif:

"If each of us commits to saying Perek Shira for the next consecutive 40 days, we shall undoubtedly move mountains and help save our brothers and sisters from forced exile."

From the moment Arik announced his plan for Gush Katif, one of the following outcomes was certain:

1 - The evacuation would be canceled.
2 - The evacuation would be delayed.
3 - The evacuation would proceed as planned.

As long as you have a shpiel for each of the three eventualites, you can be a miracle worker and some people will believe it.

1 - Ah. The power of Perek Shira
2 - We're almost there. More Perek Shira, everybody!
3 - Who dropped the ball / If only more of you had joined us...

Now that the evacuation is finished (choice 3) how long do you think it wlll be before the Perek Shira people start pointing fingers?