Monday, August 15, 2005

Where oh where has Mis-Nagid gone?

Filed under: My how the Jewish blogosphere has changed.

Once upon a time, the anonymous atheist known as Mis-Nagid would have been all over a post, especially a DovBear post, about textual maculations. Yet, last week I pointed out that Jeremiah and Kings do not agree on something as significant as the date of the Temple's destruction, and thought the indignant comments came pouring in, Mis-Nagid's explanation of the discrepancy was not among them.

Now I am the first to admit the construction of this particular post was lazy -it burped out a single fact, and provided no theory and no analysis - but I've written lazy posts before (lazy posts being something of a house specialty) and that has never prevented Mis-Nagid from leaving his two cents.

Now I know the reason why. It turns out old Mis-Nagid has given up Bib-Crit and is busy with a new endeavor: collecting sappy Jewish jokes So Mis-Nagid , for auld lang syne, here's one for your collection:

A Rabbi and a priest are admiring a handsome young man.

"Let's screw him" says the priest.

Answers the Rabbi, "Out of what?"