Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Foaming at the mouth....

Toby Katz popped some shrillagra this morning, and dedicated a post to me. That's right. I was MC. It was also yet another post from Toby on politics, leading me to recall that Yitzchak Alderstan said "Cross-Currents is trying hard to stay out of the political arena."

So has Toby broken some sort of rule posting, as she has, about the 2000 election three times in one week? Will she be reprimanded, or better yet fired?

Anyway, some real time thoughts, as I read her latest piffle.

Krugman is now lying, as he so often does, totally misrepresenting what his own newspaper and the Miami Herald reported in 2001
Krugman isn't lying. He's very upfront about the Time's report on the 2000 election, and he says plainly that Bush would have won, according to three of the nine hypothetical ways of recounting the Florida votes. But the other six ways would have given the election to Gore. Toby, not Krugman is the one who is lying when she says otherwise. And quite possible she's also lying when she says she read the report, given her flawed interpretation of it.

The idea that Bush “lied” ...is itself a lie
A "lie" is when you present false information with the intention of deceiving. Though Toby insists that Bush never lied about the Sadaam Al-Quda link, or WMDs or about American intentions during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, she's wrong (or lying herself.) Click here for more (Don't be shy: it's a conservative source: WoldNet Daily)

Fox is not conservative
Ahhhh. Hahahahahahhah. Ahhhh. hahahahah. See this is where Toby crosses over into la-la land. No fair-minded person actually believes that Fox News is unbiased, let alone that it isn't Conservative. Toby saying that Fox isn't Conservative is a little like Nixon telling people he wasn't a crook.

Rush Limbaugh is an ohev Yisrael who is very vocally pro-Israel.
And like the other other media "right-wing thinkers" such as Sean Hannity, G Gordon Liddy, and Michael Savage, he is also a liar and a fraud. As for his position on Israel, at best he's pro-Likud, which is not the same as being pro-Israel as people like Toby often forget.

One very ugly midah I see in Jewish Democrats is a complete and utter lack of hakaras hatov
I see the same midah in Toby Katz. Though her blog receives several hundred hits per week from me, she's never said thank you, never reciprocated with a link to my blog, and, now, when she finally dedicates a post to me, she changes my name. That's ingratitude.

Listen to [Rush] for six weeks and you will be convinced that he is one of the most decent men in the public forum today
If I listen to Rush for six weeks, my ears will bleed. Anyway, read about his personal life, and it's hard to escape the fact that he's a vile person who flaps his mouth now and again about "Family Values" just to keep the cash coming in.

It behooves us to be grateful to our friends, not to spit at them.
Sorry, but I don't value the friendship of a man who spent the month of December telling his listeners that the "Jews are destroying Christmas." And if you had an ounce of self-respect, neither would you.