Thursday, August 18, 2005

More dumb arguments

More dumb arguments

Showing compassion towards the cruel will ultimately lead to being cruel towards the compassionate.
Don't be daft. No one advocates showing mercy to cruel people. We advocate showing mercy to people who have committed no crime, other than the "crime" of sharing an ethnic group with cruel people.

Al Queda is going to turn Gaza into a terrorist training camp!
With virtually the entire Mideast already at its disposal, why would Al Queda choose Gaza?

The withdrawl brings the terrorists closer to the Israeli heartland.
Closer than Lebonan? Jordan? Syria? Egypt?

The other Arab nations should take in their Arab brothers?
Why? Because you hold a condecending definition of "Arab-brotherhood?" All the ants might look identical to you, but an Arab from Gaza is not culturly the same as an Arab from Iraq. Besides. The Arabs from Gaza, don't want to go to Syria, any more than the Jews of Teanek want to live with the Jews of Boro Park.

There's no such thing as a Palestenian!
Why do you get to decide that? Why don't people get to callthemselves anything they like? Anyway, who care?

The West Bank is next!
Says who? (I mean besides Condaleeza Rice and Hamas radicals)

It is a reward for terrorism!
It's the right thing to do, irrespective of how terrorists might choose to interpret it. (Terrorists aren't known for being great at logic anyway.)

Jews don't expel Jews!
It isn't an expulsion, not when they were offered homes and other compensation. Not when they are being brought into Israel.

How can you make areas of Israel - or any land for that matter - off-limits to Jews?
The Temple Mount is already in that category. And though Jews certainly have rights, to Gaza for instance, they also have brains. And sometimes, it's simply not smart to exericse your rights. This is one of those times.

(Thanks GH for inspiring this post)