Friday, August 12, 2005

Extra! Extra! Act of Terror Thwarted

Oklahoma man held before boarding plane with bomb:

An Oklahoma man was taken into custody after he tried to carry a bomb on board an airplane on Wednesday in Oklahoma City, an FBI spokesman said.

Charles Alfred Dreyling Jr., 24, was detained on Wednesday morning after a security screener using an X-ray machine saw the device in his luggage as he tried to board a flight to Philadelphia at Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City.

Here is a picture of the evil-doer:

Notice anything? Doesn't look like an Arab to me.

So, all I can say is thank god absolutely no one important listens to Dov Hikind, or bothers to read those disgraceful emails we've all seen urging us to subject Arabs to greater scrutiny because they, and not 90 year old grandmothers, blew up the Murrow Building in Oklahoma, and so on and so forth.

And just as I soon as I track down some of the Jewish bloggers who've been saying they think profiling is a great idea, I am going to pin their tails to this post as well.