Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Gross, but funny. Side point: In these parts we yell "Tekiah!"

Chaya shows us a(nother) photo of soldiers hugging settlers.
One's wearing a gun. Why? Aren't the soldiers conducting the evicitons supposed to be unarmed?

Shanna says "Jews don't throw acid into the eyes of Israeli police officers." Word, sister.

Darn it! Why do they call her "Fudge?"

Golda sends her prayers the long way around. Does it matter?

GH collects 198(!) comments, mostly angry objections from Mis-Nagid, by re-writing a kinah. Tomorrow, GH parodies the Kayl Moleh. On Friday, the kaddish.

DM, the Hasidic musician we love and admire - and now we know why - calls Cross Current's "close minded." And it cost us nothing.

Stop the presses: Aidel is depressed.

And now let us say Amen