Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pope: Whatta Dope


Why? Because it'll curb violence, of course.
Modern society "has left God aside believing freedom lies in the individual pursuit of happiness," but in that's only brought about violence and crimes against human dignity, said Pope Benedict XVI... Which is why Pope Ratzinger [sic] advocates a defence of the right to hang crucifixes at schools and other public places
What ahistorical claptrap. How do you get to be Pope, without knowing the very basics of history?

Ratzinger appears to have forgotten that Catholics killed more than their share of people over the last 2000 years, often with crucifixes around their necks, and crosses on their shields, flags and uniforms. Anyway, if Grand Theft Auto compels teenagers to go on violent rampages, what do you imagine staring at a man nailed to a hunk of wood is going to do to their delicate psyches??

Next up, the Pope links liberal democracy to facism:
"Drawing on his own experience of the rise of Nazism, the pope links contemporary liberal democracy with fascism. He argues that when liberals believe in nothing, fascism is not far behind."
No. Actually what the rise of Nazism teaches us is that Catholism (often under the crucifix's watchful eye) did a damn good job preparing the soil of Europe for the Nazi nightmare. Does the Popenfurhrer really think that Hitler made all of gentile Europe into murderers in less than 10 years? Preperation was neededm, and during the long years of preparation Europe was dominated by the Catholics and their culture

Finally, we mustn't forget the Pope's immunity attempt regarding the sexual abuse of children, an idea Michael Jackson might have tried. This sordid stunt is only the man of God's latest ploy to avoid accountability in this matter; previously he attempted to obstruct the investigation by threatening to excomunicate Bishops who cooperated with the police.

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