Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dumb Comments


There is no equating the Arab claim to this territory to the Jewish claim to this same territory according to the Torah.

But what about the opinion in the Koran? Why do the authors of the Torah get more say than the authors of the Koran? Ok, because God wrote the Torah, fine. We'll pretend that can be proven. Still, are the only legitimate claims in the world the ones that are expressly sanctioned by God? What about the fact that the Palestenians have lived there for hundreds of years? What about the fact that they were born there, raised their families there, buried their dead there? Is that worth nothing?

Hence, equating the situation of a "Palestinian" (there is no such thing)

Says who? You? Why do you get to decide what people call themselves? What if I were to say that there's no such thing as Jews? That we're just slightly different Cannaanites, with weird land ownership claims?

"There's no such thing as a Palestinian" falls afoul of the Paradox
of the heap
. If no small changes over time can ever make someone a Palestinian, there can never be the creation of an identity. Hence, American, Israeli and Indian don't exist either.

boy to what is going on here is unfounded and dishonest. A Jewish parent has the right to put his/her child in that situation, the Arab parent does not.

Says who? You? Why is a Jewish resident of Gaza permitted to use her children to protect her home, her holy places and her burial sites, while an Arab resident of Gaza is prohibited from doing the same?

Furthermore to assuage your liberal conscience, humans are not capable of defining morality.

Then who is? Carrots? Even if we agree that God originally gave us the rules in His book, it is still humans who have been interpreting those rules for the last 2000 years.

History has proven this

It has? News to philosophers.

so let's leave that to G-d.

God hasn't said anything to us in thousands of years. If we leave it to God, we don't have much to go on. Just silence. Besides, do you suppose God wishes us to disregard our God-given brains? He's given us the power to work things out, but expects us not to use it?

Misplaced rachmanut like yours is warned about by G-d to His people over and over.

Where? Did you make that up, or do you actually have a verse to cite?

Anyway, I don't advocate rachmanus for murderers and their enablers. I advocate rachmanus for people who may look like the murderers and their enablers, but have done nothing wrong. Not all brown people are terrorists, you know.

We have suffered for it before and unfortunately have not yet learned the lesson. You would do well to review it for yourself.

When have we suffered for "it" before? Can you give an example? Even one? You would do well to read Philosphy and/or History for Dummies. There are some lessons in there you haven't learned.