Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Me and MC

[Note to scolds: I have permission to publish this correspondance]

Ever since I nearly wet my pants laughing at Toby Katz for claiming that Fox is not conservative, I've been getting email from a mystery correspondant whose name will remain Toby Katz. Only for the fun of it, I'll call her... lemmee see. "MC." Also, to be fair, I started it by sending an email reading:

It's facinating that there exists someone on this planet who thinks Rush Limbough is anything but a clown, and that Fox is unbiased.

Her reply:

I think you must be a computer-generated idio-bot

Thus baited, I put aside my usual kind and friendly demeanor, and replied:

The fact that you don't think that Fox is conservative suggests you don't watch the station, or that you're too stupid to understand what they are saying.

[I know. Rude, DovBear. Very rude. Accurate. But rude.]

Anyway, by way of reply "MC" had this to say:

"Married....With Children" is a popular CONSERVATIVE sitcom? sure, whatever (I don't know why I bother corresponding with a computer-programmed knee-jerk-bot anyway, but this game IS rather addictive.)

Pretty clever, huh? Only when Toby, I mean "MC," first mentioned Fox is her original post, she was clearly talking about news. Also, in the same paragraph where she said "Fox is not conservative" (hold on a sec. Still can't type that without snickering) she skewered CNN and all the free channels for being too liberal, though according to her own rules shows like "Touched by an Angel," "Seventh Heaven" and "Crossfire" ought to absolve those stations of the liberal label, right? But instead of making that excellent point, I said this:

Aren't we talking about their news? Yes, I think we were. But nice try.

Undettered, unabashed, and unashamed, "MC" plugged along:

Fox News is conservative only by comparison to the other networks' news.

I had to get a little rude again:

Now you're being silly. Actually you're always silly, but denying the conservative bias of the Fox family of news channels is silly even by your low standards.

And that, unfortunately, is where it ended (though I have gotten a few other emails from MC with links to articles slugged: "To be read by the idio-bot") Neat, huh?

Anyway, those of you who think there might be some truth to the idea that Fox is unbiased, are welcome to read, learn, and to laugh along with us. Some places to start:

The Most Biased Name in News, (a FAIR report)
John Moody's Memos (the News Chief puts his bias on the table)
Fox News Admits Bias! (sort of)
Specific Examples of FOX News Hosts Conservative Bias (more than I can count)
Why Fox News Channel Is An Industry Joke ("Because they employ Bill O'Reilly," is not one of the answers)