Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Chicago Tuitions

Received via anonymous email:

Do you have friends in Chicago? You might want to give them a call about this. The local Bais Yaakov elementary school is requiring poor people to go out and beg tuition money from rich nursing home owners. So far, two of my friends have had to go out and beg, because the school told them their daughters can't come to school otherwise. Fortunately, I haven't been asked to beg -- yet. One of my friends is a CPA with a very modest lifestyle -- even he can't afford schooling. Another friend, a corporate lawyer, has just moved to Milwaukee because of rising tuition costs.

That's only marginally worse than NY, where deadbeat parents are send to gemachs and instructed to take out loans, the sort of loans, incidentally, that can jeopardize your house if they aren't promptly repaid. And vouchers aren't the answer, by the way. Vouchers don't guarantee the schools will be less expensive, only that you can use tax money to pay the bill. And once that juicy new revenue becomes available, who in their right mind expects greedy school administrators to lower tuition?