Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The problem with Bush

The problem with Bush for those of us who love truth, is not simply that he's an utter fraud (my apologies to any of you who think he is a self-made millionaire and also a cowboy, born and raised on the hardscrabble Crawford ranch.) but that he lies and lies without shame.

Further evidence from his speech this week in Utah:

My administration remains firmly committed to serving America's veterans.
Huh? Bush cut soldiers’ danger pay and family separation allowances, cancelled a Congress-proposed doubling of servicepeople’s life insurance benefits, and slashed GI Bill benefits. Most servicepeople now are too low-paid to receive Bush’s per-child tax credit and many live on food stamps. Bush also cut $600 million from the Veterans Administration budget. Oh, and starting a war on fictitious grounds, isn't exactly pro-veterans.

The war came to our shores on the morning of September the 11th, 2001
Bzzz. Wrong. The war brought to our shores on the morning of September 11, was sponsored by Al Queda and bin Ladin. As the president wishes us to forget, Iraq, the country we are currently fighting, had no connection to September 11. None. Zero. The president knows this to be true, yet he continues to muddy the waters. Shameful.

Now Iraq's leaders are once again defying the terrorists and pessimists by completing work on a democratic constitution.
Democratic? Sure, if "democratic" means hostile to Iraq's Sunni Arab minority, to the rights of women, and to Jews.