Thursday, August 11, 2005

Well, the Nine Days sure aren't being kind to Jack

This just in

FBI agents were seeking to arrest a once-powerful Washington, D.C., lobbyist on Thursday after a Fort Lauderdale federal grand jury charged him and a New York businessman with scheming to defraud two lenders in a $147.5 million purchase of SunCruz Casinos.

Agents were to take Republican insider Jack Abramoff into custody on Thursday afternoon in the Baltimore area. His partner in the controversial 2000 SunCruz acquisition, Adam Kidan, was expected to surrender to authorities, according to sources familiar with the probe.

Like the rest of you, I'm shocked, SHOCKED to discover that (another) one of the Republican elite is a corrupt slimeball. Hopefully, Jack will do the right thing and avoid a long spell in jail by squealing about Tom Delay and Grover Norquist.