Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kabalah! Knows All!! Tells Some!!!

I think it is very important to distinguish between Esther/Madonna/Britney Kabaalah and the Kabaalah practiced by Israel's great kabalists.

Whoops. My bad. Turns out they are both bogus.

Question for the Kabbalah-lovers: Will this colossal failure of kabbalistic clairvoyance stop you* from...

...believing in kabbalah magic? (no)

...relying on kabbalists? (no)

...citing kabalists? (no)

...scorning those of us who think kabbalah magic is false?

...practcing Kabbalah magic (red bendals, etc.) yourself?

Oh. Whyever not?

Because you have a short memory and a gift for justification.

(*I don't mean anyone in particular, and certainly not the very rational Gil of Hirhurim)