Friday, December 10, 2010

A second viewing of Skokie, 30 years later

What follows is the final 10 minutes of Skokie a made for TV movie from 1981 about a Nazi attempt to march through the Illinois village in 1977. I remember watching it as a kid. All of its available on YouTube, and the film stands up, though its 30 years old

In the last part the main actors in the drama address the camera directly and explain their motives and agenda. After the Nazi leader reveals that all he wanted was to be on TV, the survivor Jews explain why they fought him and the (Jewish) ACLU lawyer explains why he and his organization defended the Nazis. All solid stuff. Most touching for me, was the soliloquy of the G-1 girl, a teenage daughter of survivors, explaining how tormented she felt about the whole thing.

You may not get this from final clip, but I watched all of it last night and one thing the second viewing brought back was how palpably real the horrors of the Holocaust still were in 1977. The survivors were in their 50s, younger then my own parents are now.

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