Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christianity vs secularism continued

The OJ Rabbi, who started the Twitter conversation about Christianity earlier this week, has responded. His comments are in red, my answers are in grey. In short, my view is that no one with any sense of history should be unhappy to see a weak Church.

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assume you know Rambam melachim 11:4 uncensored.Course he rejected Xtrianity but saw positive of bringing world towards monotheism.

he lived in a muslim universe and also before blood libels and church sponsored antisemitism.

do you honestly think hed be unhappy to learn the church has lost its teeth and no longer menaces Jews?

do you honestly think hed call for the revitalization of the beliefs and doctrines that made the Holocaust possible?

do you honestly think hed be so blase if he knew what sort of horrors the church had in store for us?

not suggesting we promote or endorse xtrianity or Islam.I simply shared an observation that move to secularism will impact Jews

move to secularism started close to 200 yrs ago and it has only HELPED Jews.

was it better when we were locked in ghettos w no rights or protections? B/ secularism saved us from that

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