Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breaking News: VIN IS BANNED

Failed Messiah is reporting that VIN, a news aggregator blog, has been placed under Rabbininc ban. All the big names seem to have signed it. My hunch? The ban was organized by the accused xxxxxxxx who runs YWN. Why do I say that? Because the emphasis of the ban, which was certainly written by an interested  third party and then given to the Rabbis for their signature, is DO NOT ADVERTISE on VIN, not do not read it. If I'm right (and I have no evidence) this wouldn't be the first time an unscrupulous businessman manipulated the Rabbis for personal gain.

See the ban for yourself:

Full size


1. If you're going to ban VIN, why not ban YWN and Matzav? They all play the same game. (See my hunch above) 
2. All the Rabbis have done here is shown how weak they are. When you ban a book or a web site, you announce to the world that you're powerless against a stronger idea. A ban is a sign of fear.
3. Also, the blog-reading public is going to ignore the Rabbis, as always, further demonstrating their impotence.

Search for more information about the VIN ban at

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