Thursday, December 16, 2010

Now I own R. Malkiel Kotler, too!

Please feel free to put this special DovBear edition photo
of Rav Malkiel Kotler on on your bedstand or sukka wall.

Alas, the old custom of
shaving one's beard for
Purim is no longer followed
Earlier today, I attempted to locate a photo of R, Malkiel Kotler but was disappointed to discover that blogs like Matzav and YWN had demonstrated their respect for Torah leaders by plastering logos all over their photos. The big boys do this too, by the way, which is why you can't find a single photo of Barack Obama without some blog name scrawled on it.  Anyway, despite like 60 seconds of effort, I couldn't find a single picture of R. Malkiel that hadn't been defaced, so I reluctantly used a picture of R. Malkiel's father, Shnuer, dressed like a Y.U boy for Purim. (at right)

Feeling my pain, a friend and reader decided to make his contribution to the pathetic annual telethon in the form of a photo of Malkiel Kotler. Put your brand on it, he said. Why should those blogs be the only ones to make believe that they own the rights to the likeness of a sage of Israel?

And so it was done. In time, I hope to complete a branding siyum, and affix my sign and seal to photographs of every great person who has ever lived.

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