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Can't anyone give a good reason to keep gays out of the military?

Predictably, our self-appointed religious leaders are celebrating the end of DADT by announcing their objections to permitting gays into the military; just as predictably their objections are asinine.

After the jump see a typical protest, with my commentary. They, appropriately, are in pink; I'm in italics. 

Jewish Law Forbids Collaboration With The Homosexualization Of The Military

Even if this were true, (its not) Orthodox Jews have precious little to do with the military. They don't serve, or work in the Department of Defense, so there seems to be little worry that Orthodox  Jews might "collaborate" with Congress on this. 

Bible-Believers in Military Alerted to Prohibitions of Participation in LGBT Policies Mandated by the Proposed Repeal of the Law Banning Homosexuals in the Military.

"Bible-believers in Military" are overwhelmingly Christian. Why does the Orthodox Jewish Rabbi who wrote this think for even one second that a Christian serviceman cares to hear his interpretation of Torah law? And if this Rabbi is so anxious to spread Torah to the gentiles, why has he started with this? Where is the screaming press release urging Jews and soldiers to avoid collaborating with the shell-fish-azation of the military? Last I checked, the bible refers to shell fish and sodomy with identical terms, so it seems to me that if our soldiers can't serve with gays, they can't serve in an army that feeds them shrimp.

Monsey, NY - December 17, 2010 -- Ahead of a looming Senate vote on repealing the current law banning homosexuals from the Armed Forces, Rabbi Noson Leiter, Executive Director of Torah Jews for Decency, an Orthodox pro-decency and religious-liberties advocacy organization, issued the following statement:

"We ask citizens to urge their Senators, the GOP leadership, and swing Senators (202-224-3121 (24/7)), to do whatever it takes to stop the treasonous effort to force servicemen to betray their Biblical beliefs. A homosexual-ban repeal would hijack the zero-tolerance military regimen, and thereby threaten to:

The military already requires some to "betray their Biblical beliefs." For instance, Quakers who believe all war is wrong. However, the case of gays in the military is different as repealing DADT will require absolutely no-one to betray any specific Bible rule or belief, as you'll see below. 

1. force Bible-believers to shower and use washroom facilities together with flagrant homosexuals in zero-privacy, and

Horrors! Where does the bible say that we're not allowed to shower with homosexuals? (Hint: nowhere) I know for a fact that many of us go to the mikve with homosexuals, and so far so good. 

2. sleep in close quarters with flagrant homosexuals, contravening religious directives to avoid indecent influences and situations;

Horrors! Where does the bible say that we're not allowed to sleep in close quarters with homosexuals? (Hint: nowhere)

3. potentially impinge on the rights of chaplains and others to faithfully share the undiluted Torah perspective on volitional, sinful conduct1 condemned by the Bible as abominatory (Lev. 20:13);

Potentially? Potentially? You're all worked up about something that you're not even certain will happen? Anyway, chaplains seem to be ok conveying the "undiluteed Torah perspective" on the "abominatory" [SIC] nature of eating shell-fish despite the military's treasonous efforts to undsermine decency by serving it to soldiers. So I'm not worried. 

4. force-feed Bible-adherents heretical LGBT dogma2;
5. require participation in/ collaboration with anti-Biblical programs and policies that legitimize sin;

This isn't going to happen. 

6. as well as decimate the morale and readiness of decency-minded servicemen,

The military researched this extensibility, and the brass are not worried. I suggest you trust the experts given that your military expertise is limited to whatever you have managed to glean from the occasional haftorah that mentions a battle.

7. resulting in unforeseen numbers of combat troops killed due to breakdown of unit cohesion, and
8. deplete the Armed Forces (according to polling data)3, ultimately threatening a draft - along with the pursuant conscription of Bible-adherent 18-year-olds into a fully homosexualized military.

Again, the professional soldiers don't see a problem, and they've done all sorts of studies. Plus, they're actually experienced at making war, whereas you don't seem qualified to do much besides making noise. 

"These and other considerations compel us to call attention to the Torah principle that government has no authority to compel Man to disobey our Creator.

You do realize that soldiers aren't going to be forced to perform sodomy don't you? Merely, serving alongside a gay man isn't "disobeying" the creator according to any definition.

Contact: Rabbi Noson Leiter: 845-642-1679

I'm sure Rabbi Leiter is a straight arrow who only hugs men for simcha-related purposes and attends the mikve strictly for the articles, but I still feel compelled to point out that many of the loudest anti-gay advocates turn out to be homosexuals themselves. 

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