Sunday, December 19, 2010

Aspiring Rabbis of New Jersey?

We see from the papers, a group of Lakewood boys made a demonstration of their midos, and brought credit to their parents and teachers during the bus ride home last Tuesday.  Report:
NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Four New Jersey Yeshiva students have been charged with bias intimidation after being accused of harassing a black school bus driver.

The driver told Lakewood Police that the teenagers praised the Ku Klux Klan, then crowded behind her in a threatening manner as she was driving on Tuesday.

The NAACP called the situation disturbing.

“To me, it’s sad. Here we are in the 21 st Century, and we have this kind of intimidation going on,” Jim Waters, president of the Ocean County NAACP, said.

The Yeshiva also filed a complaint against the driver, saying that the driver acted inappropriately.

The driver has been moved to another route while the investigation takes place.

Residents said it was a complete shock and that they need more details to have the full story.

“I’m extremely surprised. It’s totally out of character for the boys in this school, and until we hear what their side of the story is, it’s difficult to comment,” one man said.
Shame the little dears don't seem aware of the KKK's view of Jews. And because this is Lakewood, you have to guess their KKK education came at around the dinner table, not in History class.

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