Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Little Jab From a Muslim Feminist (with an important message)

A Guest Post By E. Fink

Read this article written by a "Muslim Feminist": "Let Me, a Muslim Feminist, Confuse You."
It's very interesting how some of the struggles she encounters and experiences reflect eerily similar encounters and experiences within the orthodox Jewish community.
She takes a little shot at charedim in this line:
I moved to Israel, where I was the first Egyptian to live and work there for a western news agency. I became a liberal Muslim because my ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbours reminded me of ultra-orthodox Muslim Saudis. Orthodoxy serves men much more than it does women.
It's hard to argue with her perceptions.

And as an orthodox Jew it's very easy to relate to her struggle.

Perhaps most importantly, for my orthodox Jewish friends who do not acknowledge the movement within Islam that is progressive and modern this article is exhibit A. Its author is not alone and its author represents the kind of Islam that all Americans should support.

Search for more information about modern Islam at 4torah.com.

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