Thursday, December 23, 2010

Matzav's pathetic, see-through attempt to cripple the competition

Today's pathetic, see-through attempt to cripple the competition, was posted by loser blog Matzav, where they are self-righteously dancing on the graves of VIN.

Like the good, little, fraudulently-pious bloggers they are, Matzav has reprinted the Kol Koreh in English under the headline Gedolim Publically Denounce Chillul Hashem of Vos Iz Neias and its Advertisers; Issue Issur Chomur. Can you say Nogeah b'Davar?

And of course the little add-on at the end about how " was asked by rabbonim to post this story" only makes things worse. What Rabbis actually asked to run down their chief rival? Its either a lie, or the request came from an idiot.

Also, disturbing is how Matzav seems unaware that are guilty of every crime VIN is alleged to have committed. If Matzav had any brains they'd realize they're next on the list to get banned.

However, I can't say I am entirely surprised. When Matzav was new, one of their minions frequently appeared on my threads with little announcements about how Matzav was going to be fair, and moderate. Links were helpfully provided (though just try leaving a link to your on blog on Matzav thread). In time the commitment to fairness and moderation was replaced with a fetishistic allegiance to daas torah, and its been downhill from there.

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