Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kimmel gets sued for mocking us.

Back in August, Jimmy Kimmel did a little skit, in which he reffered to an unfortunate stereotype about black men, and mashed up a YouTube video in a manner served only to make Jews and Rabbis look stupid.

Well now, as the NY POST reports, the Rabbi in the video is suing Kimmel.

Good. I know it was just a goof, but I think it was a mean-spirited one.

[See the same Rabbi here speaking a little more sensibly]

UPDATE: I didn't say the Jew should necessarily win. Just Kimmel is a millionaire, backed by billionaires, picking on a dirt poor guy (and on the Jewish people besides). A lawsuit might make him think twice before bullying the underdog representative of an underdog sect, of an underdog people -- even if the case gets tossed (which it might; I don't know the details.)

Search for more information about non-frivolous law suits at 4torah.com.

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