Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let's welcome a worthy new addition to the Jewish Blogosphere

There's someone new and worthy of support in the world of Jewish blogging. Nope, I don't mean DBN, where we continue to mine unexplored corners of the journalism world for odd and interesting articles. I mean this, a new and valuable site dedicated to defeating the lies and absurdities of the infamous FrumTeensModerator.

Though of you who were here during the Glory Days of Jewish Blogging may remember that beating up the FrumTeensModerator was a hobby of some bloggers back in 05. I know Golden Era GH did it a lot (Silver Era GH didn't bother, and bronze Bronze Era GH, or "XGH"as Mountain Dew fans refer to him, is just lame.) I suppose I did too but honestly can't recall, and there's too much here to sort through. Whatever the case, it didn't do much good. FrumTeensModerator remains an idiot and a source of much misinformation.

Here's what I said  this morning to the owner of the new anti-FrumTeensModerator blog
The two points you address happen to relate to personal pet peeves of mine so I will be happy to promote your blog.  I hate it when absolutely clueless yeshiva boys (who later turn into the worst kind of adults) exaggerate Lakewood or Ponavitch's historical animosity toward YU* or demonstrate no interest in discovering or contemplating what rishonim and achronim actually said about matters of halacha or hashkofa. (A third pet peeve is when ignorami misstate the facts of evolution for propoganda purposes. This is something else FTM used to do all the time so be on watch) ( I don't say God had nothing to do with it. Just don't defend God by lying about what occurs in nature)
For those too lazy to click, here's a summary of  what's there: The new blog uses a respected book to show that FrumTeensModerator is lying when he says R' Aharon Kotler refused, on principle, to enter Y.U. In fact he lectured there. The blog also proves that FrumTeensModerator is wrong when he suggests all Jews in every time and every place always agreed that married women must cover their hair.

*This has been the subject of some of my fiercest debates with clueless yeshiva folk. For some reason, they think they are serving the interests of Torah by making false claims about Yeshiva University's relationship with R. Shach and Rav Kotler. I also find it aggravating that these same self-righteous frauds who cluck their tongues with displeasure whenever I refer to a dynastic Hasidic Rebbela with fewer than 3 honorifics, cheerfully refer to R. Joseph Solivetchik as "J.B."

Search for more information about new and exciting blogs at 4torah.com.

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