Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pathetic annual telethon update

The pathetic annual telethon continues. If you've ever received a moments pleasure or enjoyment from the things we do here on DovBear I ask you to please toss something into the collection plate. Every little bit helps with bills and expenses of course, but contributions of any amount are also your way of affirming that you value the service provided by this blog. Though the blog rumor that I'm actually a Cyborg detective voiced by Don Adams is gaining traction, the truth is I'm an ordinary human being just like, well...  more than a few of you. Support for the pathetic annual telethon is your way of saying "keep up the good work." Those of you who are also ordinary human beings must understand how valuable such a message can be.

Additional offer: DovBear is now accepting kvittles!! Attach a request to your contribution / pidyon and I swear to do everything within my power to compel the forces of the universe to fulfill your wish no matter how petty or depraved that wish might be (results not guaranteed) (by which I mean "thanks for the dough.") However, if you ask for something easy, such as a post on a particular topic, an answer to a particular question, or a plug for your nonboring, nonpathetic blog, that favor shall be instantly granted.

Opportunity for cheapskates: I'm in some contest, that offers a $500 prize. Those of you unwilling to donate to the blog, or buy my book, can instead help me out by going to this facebook page  and clicking LIKE on my comment.


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