Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AP: OJs don't eat right

Apparently the earth is round, and Orthodox Jews have eating disorders. I don't know why the Associated Press elected to write an article about our eating problems, but I am surprised it focuses almost exclusively anorexia. Though I don't doubt its a serious problem among seminary girls, what about their fathers, the cholent-fressers?

What other people gorges on weekends the way that we do? Do ordinary supermarkets give over a full aisle to nothing but candy? Kosher supermarkets do.  Is the refreshments table at an upper-middle class church service completely devoid of fresh vegetables and fruit. Are water and juice impossible to find among bottles and bottles of soda and schnapps? Do other people send their kids to expensive prep schools when all exercise is frowned upon?

And though its true, other groups have their own problems with weight and eating, I think the Orthodox Jews are the only upper middle class group with this affliction. 

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