Thursday, October 21, 2010

Which politician does this describe?

Al me neemar?

The following describes the background of a famous politician. Who is it?;

Mr. X was born poor and out of wedlock in the desert mining town of xxx. His father was a hard-rock miner who didn’t get through the eighth grade; Mr. X hints broadly that both his parents were drunks. Their house was a wooden cabin, built out of smelly creosote-treated railroad ties instead of fragrant logs. There was no indoor plumbing. “We had a little tree in our yard for a while,” Mr. X writes. “It died. The yard is just rocks—things don’t grow.” Sometimes in the evenings, he and his younger brother Larry (there were four brothers in all) sat outside their parents’ bedroom door, “listening to what goes on on the other side”—which, Mr. X indicates, was something violent.

When a boy from another town moved to xxx, Mr. X admits, “the first thing I did was pick a fight with him. He was new, and I was jealous of him. He probably dressed decently, was probably well spoken.” Mr. X beat another kid so savagely that he permanently flattened one of his own knuckles. One day, Larry fell off his bike and broke his leg. Although he screamed in pain, Mr. X thought he was faking it and initially refused to help him. Another time, Mr. X took a .22 rifle and went out to shoot a rabbit for dinner. With his last bullet, he merely wounded the rabbit, so he gave chase on foot for “what seemed like hours,” he wrote. “I got that rabbit. Took it home. Skinned it. Took it to my grandmother. . . . Best rabbit I ever ate.” At fourteen, Mr. X had a fistfight with his father (because he was beating Mr. X's mother). At nineteen, he had a fistfight with his future father-in-law (because he opposed his daughter’s marriage).

-- text taken from the current New Yorker

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