Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Worst political ad of the year?

Despite its high production values, this disgusting bit of propaganda gets my vote for Most Despicable Ad of the 2010 Campaign Season

Politics Daily reports that “that Amendment 62 would ban all abortions, without exceptions for rape, incest or to save a mother’s life. It also would ban stem cell research and birth control other than ‘barrier methods.’

What these fanatics can't accept is that there are legitimate differences of opinion about when life begins. Since the question, and its answers, are theological, the government must not get involved, My religion, for example, allows abortions under certain circumstances, and in some cases even encourages them. Were the government to ban abortions, I'd no longer be free to do something my religion permits and teaches is moral. The fact that non-halachic abortions are also legal doesn't concern me. Lobster and pork are also legal. Just as I'm not forced to eat at a treif restaurant, I'm not forced to abort babies; in both cases I'm merely being given the freedom to make my own decisions, and because the question of "When does life begin" has no one answer, its fully appropriate for the government to grant me that freedom. Though the ad's dehumanization of a sitting president, and the lies about his record, are obviously egregious, I'm more deeply offended by the claim that pro-choice people as hate liberty, when the very opposite is true.

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