Thursday, October 28, 2010

A fine example of Liberal and Jewish values overlapping

Elana Kagen has cast her first vote as a member of the United Stated Supreme Court. Though the cynical side of me says she was merely registering knee-jerk opposition to the death penalty, I can't help noting that in practice her opinion is textbook vahavta lrayacha kamocha as per BT Sanhedrin.

So, of course, mighty-moralist GOPJews hate it and are mocking her for it.


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The decision:  The court heard an appeal from someone about to be executed, and voted 5-4 to kill him. Kagan dissented on the grounds that the poison the state planned to use was from a new, foreign, manufacturer; because this new vendor's product had never been tested there was a concern it might not be fully effective.

The mockery: "That stupid, clueless, liberal. The point of the drug is to kill him!  He's supposed to die! Who cares if its safe? God, liberals are morons"

The Torah value: R. Nahman answered in the name of Rabbah b. Abbuha: The verse saith, But thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself,  [which implies:] choose an easy death for him. [BT Sanhedrin 52a]

Several rules are deduced from this teaching, all of them intended to make death by execution as quick, and as painless as possible. Kagen's vote, is then a wonderful example of how Torah and liberal values can coincide. The mystery is why the GOP Jews, who claim to be all about Torah values, fail to see it.

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