Monday, October 11, 2010

Carl Paladino gets used, out-smarted and embaressed by Yehuda Levin

Here's the video of  Carl Paladino speaking to small group of Rabbis. This is the gay-bashing performance that has earned Paladino nothing but anger and disapprobation from thinking people across the region.  He came out of it looking like a fool.

Originally, I though this pathetic performance was an instance of pandering. Upon learning that the speech was written for him by Yehuda Levin, the insane, evil, clueless, dangerous moron who is not taken seriously by serious people, I see something far more disturbing has occurred.

Watch the video. You'll see that Paladino stumbles on every third world. Either he's got a preschooler's reading skills, or he's seeing the speech for the very first time. And along with gay-bashing, listen to what Carl says about the rebbes. Remarkably, he bashes them, too. Those remarks about the rebbes are fighting words, but they aren't Paladino's: They're Levin's. Paladino, it seems, allowed himself to be marched out like a ventriloquist's dummy, and to read anything Levin put in front of him.

In other words, Paladino was used as a tool in Levin's battle with the rebbes for prestige within the community. He allowed himself to be embarrassed and outsmarted by an idiot. Sorry, but anyone dumb enough to be manipulated by a shmuck like Levin deserves an automatic disqualification from serious consideration for high office.

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