Monday, October 18, 2010

Pastor Anderson's Wife Hates Jews

Mrs. Piss-on-the-Wall Preacher 
The piss-on-the-wall preacher has a wife, and she has a blog, and on that blog she has shared some fascinating ideas about Jews and  circumcision:
[Question from someone]: I was wondering if you circumcise the boys?

No. To quote myself from another Q&A where I was asked the same question: 
We do not have our children circumcised. There is no Biblical mandate for us to do so; rather, the Bible makes it clear that it was a symbolic OT law that never extended to the Gentiles. Historically, circumcising all males in America became common during World War II, when mostly Jewish doctors stayed behind from the war and advocated for it. In Europe, this is not common practice. The American trend toward circumcision was further fueled by a fascination for Judaism and Zionism, both of which are contrary to true Bible doctrine. The Jewish religion teaches works salvation just like ever other false religion, and I have no desire to emulate their customs any more than those of Catholics, Muslims, or other false teachers.

My husband preached a sermon on this issue, you can listen to it here. [DB: Listening to it now. Don't know about the wall, but I'm close to pissing my pants.]

Another question is the motive behind doing this entirely unnecessary surgery. Of course, as always, the love of money is never far off. Many, if not most hospitals sell the tissue for various uses, such as making cosmetics, stem cell research/cloning/animal-human-hybrids, and other perverted uses.

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