Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hypocrites on display

Yesterday I wrote a post in which I expressed disgust at George W. Bush's childish, self-centered behavior. The post was short, and written quickly, and was, in every sense, a cheap shot -- not because George Bush is actually a mature adult*, but because I didn't choose the best example of his smallness.

Predictably, the comments criticized me for being unfair to dear old George. They are right. I was unfair to dear old George, but I was unfair to him in a style that's quite common in the blogosphere. Go to any RW blog, big or small, and you'll find a never-ending series of posts like mine, only those are directed at Democrats.

I've of course taken note that those who complained about my post, seem never to be found on a RW blog complaining when Obama is attacked in similar fashion., nor do they object when cheap shots are taken at Democrats here. Some (Garnel!) take such cheap shots themselves.

If I am guilty of something, it is of being a blogger. The lot who cried foul about my post, however are a bunch of phonies, faking indignation about a style of posting, when really their objection is to a style of posting that happens to attack their favorite guy.

* See, for example, how he occupied his time as governor of Texas

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