Monday, October 18, 2010

So I've started paying attention to Carl Paladino...

I admit it. I ignored Carl Paladino for all of September. But following his hysterical appearance in front of 8 or 9 Rabbis, I've started paying attention, and I'm pleased to report that Carl Paladino is the gift that keeps giving.

Here's a two-week old clip from late September in which the Thuglican lunatic from Buffalo threatens a reporter with physical violence (and a reporter from the New York Post, the most right wing paper in the state) after the reporter asks for evidence to support an anti-Cuomo smear.

I figure if I missed it, some of you must have missed it, too


And here's a math problem for you to solve. When Howard Dean raised his voice following the Iowa primary, all decent Republicans affirmed this was proof Howard was unfit for office. So why aren't those classless hypocrites saying the same about the guy who threatened a reporter?

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