Monday, October 18, 2010

Actor from the Office Comments on DovBear

Ayelet Robinson, the actor who portrays Leah on the Israeli version of the Office, dropped on to a thread that discusses her character to fill in some blanks:

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As the actress playing Leah I would like to shed some light on your questions. 
Leah is a Zionistic Charedit which means that she is very much supportive of the army as long as her husband does not have to do it and can keep learning torah. And of course for a woman it’s off limits. 
The scene you have seen is a promo of the show and as such it is meant to tease (which I’m glad to see succeeded) :) 
During the season Leah shows not only rigid, righteous sides but also soft, vulnerable and even sad sides. 
I hope you’ll enjoy watching her as I do playing her.
Yours truly,
Ayelet Robinson
AKA Leah

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