Monday, October 25, 2010

My first answer

A guest post by by LeftWingPharisee

Through an accident of birth, I have close, personal access to many of the Yeshiva World's Gedolim. While I have used these connections to learn and grow, I've also used these connections to try to help the Yeshivishe Velt expand its perspective as well. I've enjoyed telling them that I got my gorgeous esrogim from the internet, as well as the fact that I would neither be Frum, nor married to a Jewish woman, were it not for the internet. I've taken to asking them "What would you do?" in the following situation; I've recently gotten my first real answer, from a Chabad Rabbi in Tampa, Florida:

A Jewish couple, both secular, want to become Ba'alei Tschuva, the whole nine yards. They have a son that they want to put in Yeshiva. G'valdik! Only one problem: the boy is obviously gay, to the point where he wears girls' clothes. What do you do?

This would be a very difficult question to answer for a Rosh Yeshiva. Obviously, the boy wouldn't be able to express his nature in a Yeshiva, but the boy is still chayiv Mizvos. Rock, meet hard place.

Most of the G'dolim I asked this of said nothing, which I completely respected. Better to say nothing than to say something wrong. R' Matisyahu Salomon said, I'd have the boy and his family to my tisch, but I'd ask that the boy wear boy's clothing. Fair enough, I love that guy. The Chabadnik said, the boy would need to be home schooled, which to my mind, is the right answer.

So B'nai Dov Bear, put yourself in the place of the theoretical Rosh haYeshiva. What would you do?

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