Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paladino Putdowns

John Stewart, a great American, last night helped shovel some dirt on the lifeless corpse of unhinged candidate for governor Carl Padino. After playing a clip of Paladino telling a room full of anachronistically attired Rabbis that he does not want children brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is a successful option, Stewart said:
So he's making the case to orthodox religious folk, that gay people will brainwash their children into dressing and acting in an unconventional manner. Gay people.
After another clip, in which Paladino snarls that Cuomo proved himself "outside of the box" on family values because he allowed two of his daughters to accompany him to a Gay Pride parade, Stewart lowered the boom on Mister Clueless Hypocrite.
"That's Carl Paladino making the case that he is the 'family values' candidate Because he would never take either one of his two simultaneous families to a gay pride parade.
As Ben at Politico said the other day, this kind of crazy doesn't play in New York. Even Republicans are disgusted.

Search for more information about the bottom of the barrel candidates the GOP is running for Governor at 4torah.com.

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