Thursday, November 09, 2006

White House comes crawling on it knees

White House dusts off "uniter" not "devider"

Money quote
It would appear that in the wake of a Democratic landslide in the House, the White House is looking to make nice with Pelosi and her counterparts after tussling with them on a variety of issues for six years.

"[Pelosi] talked about energy independence, and we want to work on comprehensive immigration reform, some things we can get some action on," Snow said. "It will be interesting politically, a new opportunity to get things done. We're going to get a lot done. On energy, education -- those are clearly things we can work on."

The president wants to work with the new House leaders, said Snow, and was encouraged by several Democrats' calls "to get rid of partisanship."

"Bush wants to go back to the Texas model. He's always reached out. He's been trying over the last couple of years with limited success," Snow said.
Uh huh. Too little, too late. But thanks for the lesson in revisionist history, Tony.

Dude, Bush said voting for the Democrats would mean Osama would win. He's blamed everything evil in the world on the Democrats for the past six years, including everything evil in American government even though they didn't run any part of it. That's reaching out?

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