Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Barak: US war in Iraq hurts Israel

I am pleased to report that Ambassador Kurtzer (he represented the United States at postings in Egypt and Israel) and former Prime Minister Barak are singing from the same song sheet.

According to CampusJ:

The former prime minister had a generally negative outlook on the situation in Iraq. "The country gradually deteriorates to civil war [and] the US presence is more and more a part of the problem and not the solution," he said, adding that "Democratization may lead to a radical Shi'a government."

So, by my math this means GWB's little war was a horrendous failure. I mean, let's review the reasons why he and the GOP-Jews told us the attack on Iraq was so important, shall we?

WMDs: Turns out there were none
Links to Al Queda: ditto
Helps Israel: Not according to the Israelis
Hurts the terrorists: If by "hurt" you mean "help" (The US intelligance community believes the war in Iraq was very useful and helpful to Al Queda)

So, now that we have spent billions of dollars, sacrificed the lives of over 1000 Americans, ruined our international reputation, and indebted the country to China, while achieving virtually nothing can we please make it official? Bush = Worst President Ever?

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