Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quiz Time (Gay Parade Edition)

Please define each of the following statements as "Kiddush Hashem", "Chilul Hashem", or "Neither/undecided."

1. Israel's democractic character allows for a Gay Pride Parade
2. Israel's democractic character allows for a Gay Pride Parade in Jerusalem.
3. Israel's democratic character allows people who oppose Gay Pride Parades to express their opposition
4. Religious people oppose the Gay Pride Parade
5. Religious people threaten to use violence to stop the parade
6. Religious Jews peacefully protest the parade
7. Religious Jews use violence to stop the parade.
8. Israeli police use violence to suppress the violence of Religious Jews

My own thoughts on this are as follows: Jerusalem's religious community has, collectivly, lost its mind. I'm not asking them to accept the parade, per say, but I would like to see them use those famous Jewish brains. Don't they understand that a violent response plays directly into the hands of their enemies?

If the religious response to the parade is botched, it will be Selma all over again. An international audience will see a viscious attack on a parade of peaceful homosexuals and, as the blood flows, their sympathy for the marchers will grow. Martyrs will be made, and in their memory, pro-homosexual legistlation will be ratified across the globe, and the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade will become institutionalized as an annual event.

(Which, come to think of it, might not be such a terrible thing, so bring on the dogs.)

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