Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stupid Comment of the Day

Collected on the Internet: (I won't tell you who said it because the speaker doesn't like to be named on this blog. Given the asinine things he says, I suppose I don't blame him)
Bush, for all the hatred of him, will go down in the top 15, probably right around 8-10, once history looks back on everything. Two SC justices who will be on the Court for 25 years, Afghanistan, Iraq [if they don't run from it], a stable country after 9/11, and a very nice job with the economy - not a bad resume. If he'd been able to do Social Security, he could have been right around 5-7. As it is, it may simply depend on what happens with Iran.
Here's another perspective: "Given the damage that Bush continues to wreak on international institutions that took half a century to put in place, and rule-of-law principles that took centuries to evolve," I think that he has an excelent chance of being remembered as one of our worst presidents. Iraq? "What has the writer observed that the rest of us have not? By all accounts Iraq is a quagmire, one into which we are falling deeper by the day. The odds of success there are virtually nil." We can't leave and we can't stay. Even George W. Bush concedes, following his rebuke at the polls, that the United States needs a new policy in Iraq, but as yet he hasn't been able to articulate it. And of course, as Leon Weiseltier says, the original "high reasons for the war were attended by fantasy, ignorance, and deceit."

This is the work and the legacy of a great president? Maybe in Wonderland.

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