Sunday, November 05, 2006

Oh no. Now you've made Shifra mad.

How do I know the Republican Jewish Coalition has gone too far? Even sweet mind-manned Shifra is ready to vomit over their latest campaign of lies. She says:

I am disgusted and insulted that not only was this propagana sent out TO my own people but that it was sent out BY my own people.
I agree with Shifra. The RJC's lies are sickening, but they appear to be gaining traction. The average Jew on the street (according to my informal research) thinks a Democratic House will be soft on Israel. As Mark Twain said, a lie can travel around the world before the truth puts on its boots. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to put on our boots. Here [courtesy of the NJDC] are the facts:

1 - Both parties are overwhelmingly pro-Israel, as you can see from the voting recrods.

2 - Dan Burton (IN) (the ranking Republican on the House International Relations Committee) believes that Democrats are "just as supportive of Israel as Republicans," and conservative columnist William Kristol says that "there is no big difference between the parties on the Israeli-Arab issue."

3 - Ehud Olmert told a Joint Session of Congress that support for the U.S.-Israel relationship "transcends party lines," and this support is of "paramount importance" to Israel.

4 - AIPAC agrees that the RJC's claims are bogus, saying "Congressional support for Israel will remain steadfast no matter which party wins next week’s election. "

In fact, if there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans it is this: Democrats are willing to rebuke the handful of people in the party who insufficiently support Israel. According the The Forward, "On several occasions... [NJDC] has rebuked prominent Democrats for comments perceived as anti-Israel or insensitive to the Jewish community. In reality, it is the Republican Jewish Coalition that avoids rebuking members of its own party."

The NJDC has put together two great pieces of literature to help unmask the Republican propaganda machine. Before you vote this week, you should know the facts.

To learn about how Republicans have refused to criticize members of their own party - including Bush Administration officials, Members of Congress, Republican Governors, and conservative pundits - when they have made anti-Israel and insensitive statements and liberally used Nazi rhetoric, click here.

To learn about the positions of potential Democratic Chairmen on Israel and other issues of importance to the Jewish community, click here.

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