Friday, November 10, 2006

South Park

I was never much of a TV guy, and still spend very little time in front of the idiot box, but recently I've discovered South Park. It's vulgar, sure, but in a smart way, and unlike say, The Simpsons, South Park's satire isn't always directed at the usual suspects. For example:

Last night our hero, Eric Cartman, found himself 500 years in the future where the world is embroiled in an all-consuming war between adherents of the United Atheists, the Atheist Alliance and the Atheist Federation. All three groups worship Richard Dawkins, but despise one another. When something goes well, they exclaim "Praise Science!" A favorite curse is "Logic H. Reason!" And the war between the three factions is being faught "In the name of Science!" The reason for the great war is this: Each of the three groups thinks the other has used their powers of logic incorrectly and arrived at the wrong answer to "The Great Question".

V'hamavin yavin.

[At the end of the episode the great question is revealed: "What should proper Dawkins-following Atheists call themselves?"]

Update: Ed, and Lakewood Yid and some similar dimbulbs are around, so let me spell out the nimshal:

People suck. They are petty small-minded idiots. Even if (god forbid) they manage to overturn the great religions and replace them with a society based entirely on logic [*], they will still descend into ridiculous and bloody arguments.

In short: Don't overestimate your own intelligance. The problem isn't religion, per say. The problem is people.

...and this, incidently, helps to explain the Democrats's view of the world. People are basicly evil. This is why (for example) guns must be regulated, and torture must be forbidden, and the writ of habeus corpus must be strictky enforced. Otherwise, bad people will abuse their power and innocent men an women will suffer. This is also why speech must be competely free, because only throught the free exchange of ideas can the evil inate to humankind be exposed.

[*] I accept the South Park argument. For this and other reasons, I would not wish to see Judaism weakened, damaged, or destroyed.

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