Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pelosi Power!


Democrats Take Control of House!

Ok, I'm happy. Let me count the ways:

1 - The god-awful President was given a well-deserved rebuke.
2 - The Republicans in the god-awful House were stripped of their power.
3 - The amen-chorus at Fox News and on talk-radio was unable to frighten the American people into voting against their interests yet again.
4 - Karl Rove finally went down swinging.

But along with the delight, comes a small cloud of pessimism. I know as well as anyone that the modern House of Representives has very little power to pursue an agenda. And because I've watched this president for 6 years, I know he'll put the blame for his every failure on the "Liberals in the House." Without doubt, Fox and Rush and Sean will gleefully second and third the accusation as they work mightily to represent Nancy Pelosi as the worst person in the world. In two years time, the Bushies might be able to parlay their assault on Pelosi and the House into a succesful presidential campaign, and the Democrats, unfortunately, will be deprived of their best line of attack: No longer will they be able to point out to unhappy Americans that Republicans control all three branches of goverment.

Update: It looks like the Democrats have taken the Senate, too! Ok, now it gets serious.

Attention new Congressional Democrats. I expect the following within 100 days:

1 - A bill raising the min wage.
2 - Another bill on stem cell research.
3- A bill implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations.

Additionally, I want

4 - Fiscal discipline: No more tax cuts, and no more crazed spending like we saw from the Republican House.
5 - The estate tax preserved. People who get more from this country, should contribute more to its upkeep.
6 - investigations into all instances of Republican corruption, specifically the relationship between DeLay and K-Street.
7 - no more sweet, no-bid contracts for Haliburton. Make the vice president's company work for a living.

And if I ever see you play stupid, partisan wedge games like those idiot Repuiblicans I swear my wrath will rain down on you. Examples of this would include forcing the House and Senate to vote on flag burning, gay marriage and other bogus issues just before an election, while more important business is ignored. Just because Jewish bloggers like [any and every Right Wing Jewish blogger] were happy to fellate the Republican Congress despite all of its criminal flaws does not mean you should expect the same thing from me. I'm holding you to the same standards I've always imposed on the GOP. Get it right, or get out.

You have been warned.

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