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Pride Parade

From the mailbag:

Hi DovBear,

I read your blog from time to time, and though I usually don't have time to comment, I should have at least dropped you a line at some point saying that I appreciate a lot of what you have to say and the intelligence with which you present it.

Anyway, I came across the following "news" this morning. I couldn't contain myself, and wrote my own "commentary" to a certain friend of mine who I know doesn't disagree with me on these issues. Instead of emailing me back, she called and said "You have to write this somewhere - send it in - publish it - blog it - something. You're right on the mark!" Well, I'd love to start a blog. But at this point in my life, it's not something I have time to do. So, I'm forwarding it all to you. It was not meant to sound intelligent, it was rantings - getting it off my chest by sharing my feelings with a friend. Sharing it with you is my "sending it in".

There are 3 "articles" from a website called "Yeshiva World News." Each article is followed by a link to the article, and in italics is my personal "ranting".

(1) What YOU can do to stop the Pride Parade

My 2 cents
Here's my current peve (sp?)
There will be more hysteria and REAL action taken by the frum "Torah true yidden" both in the USA and Israel about the gay parade scheduled in Yerushalayim, than there was by the same "Torah true yidden" before, during and after the Gush Katif expulsions. It ticks me off in a big way.

This article from "Yeshiva World News," which proports itself to be the place to find "Anything and Everything About The Yeshiva World" (don't ask me why I read it - I think for me, it's like "the yenta pages"...) gives a whole list of addresses of people to write to. I've never seen so many email addresses listed by any "Yeshivish" group - and the calls to write letters - before Gush Katif and it's communities and people and their lives were destroyed. And those were PEOPLE’S LIVES. Yes - I think the gay pride parade is an inappropriate thing to do in the holy city, but the bottom line is - people can close their eyes and shut their doors for a couple of hours and then its over. The Gush Katif destruction and expulsion affected thousands of people and emotionally killed people's lives and the lives of their children and I'm sure we'll see the affects for a good couple of generations. And this is just a stupid parade. Albiet one that should not take place in Yerushalayim - but in comparison - the outrage and ACTION that is being taken by the "Frum Velt" is sickening in that it just didn't exist for Gush Katif in even a fraction of the amount.

(2) BADATZ on Pride Parade - We are going to war over this!!!

My 2 cents
What happened to "Hakol kol yakov, v'hayadayim y'dei eisav..."??? Why was tefilah good enough for when Gush Katif and people's lives were being destroyed but now sticks and wars are the answer??????
I'm so glad that as "Toiyreh-true yidden" we have Da'as Toiyreh to guide us. Imagine how lost we would be, rachmana l'tzlan, without the direction of our heiyligeh rabbonim, ga'onim and gedolei hador.
These people have their priorities all screwed up.

(3) Yerushalayim - New twist to the pride parade
Right-wing and religious activists have submitted a request to march with dozens of cows, donkeys and horses on the same route where the pride parade will be held, while citing Tehillim and asking for atonement. "We want to parade beasts because these people’s acts are beastly," explained the Yesha Council representative. Requests to hold the unusual parades have already been submitted to the police, which are examining it.

My 2 cents:
NOW i'm starting to ENJOY the show!! This will certainly get people to "stay away" from witnessing all the "tum'ah..."
The parade will be "metameiy" people's neshomos - so we will sacrifice ourselves and march ON THE SAME ROUTE saying Tehillim to atone for all of that. No, we wont be looking, our eyes will be glued on our tehillims. And if we see anything - we will just be sacrificing ourselves for the "protection" of the masses.
And I'm sure all the boys that show up with their sticks will also be doing "holy work" by going to the parade site..........
aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop the ride - i want to get off!!!!

Thanks for the letter.

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