Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lie of the Day

[The president is] eager to work with both parties on his priorities over the next two years. He's got an agenda of important issues he wants to work on, and he's going to work with both parties. - Tony Fratto, White House spokesman

Without fear of contradiction, I can say that George W. Bush has turned out to be a divider, not a uniter. The country is in an alarming state of righteous anger. On the left, we believe that the Bill of Rights has been quietly dismantled, and we note with dismay how our reputation around the world has gone from the instant support of Sept. 11 to disgust and fear.

Meanwhile, the religious right also feels betrayed. They elected this president to wage the Lord's battles, and he has failed them. Gay marriage is upon us. Abortion is still legal. And this - rather then the fact that their president has made himself the servant of the wealthiest one percent while ignoring the economic needs of the blue color workers who supported him - has the red-staters in a rage.

And now the president' s spokeslacky is saying (again) that the president can bring these two sides together? The president is "eager to work with both parties?" What a laugh. He's had six years, and in that time not one Democratic bill made it to the House floor. He's had six years, and still the left is regularly demonized by the president and his men. Now he wants to hold hands? Sorry, Mr. President: The time for kumbaya is over.

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