Monday, November 20, 2006

Catching up with Jimmy Condit

Remember Jim Condit? He's the anti-Semitic nut-case candidate for Congress who once said that you could be executed for celebrating Christmas unless we changed our laws, because “Congress now says America’s basic laws are the Noahide laws — laws invented by Jewish rabbis. Under the NOAHIDE laws, if anyone practices Christianity [such as celebrates Christmas], they will be tried by a court of Jewish rabbis and sentenced to death.”

Jim is also the brother of Jen Giroux, a frequent guest on Scarborough, whose main claim to fame is that she started a women’s action group to defend “The Passion of the Christ.” She's also said that the devastating tsunamis of 2004 were a result of “taking Christ out of Christmas," AND she owns a website that appears to make boatloads of money selling a crappy line of “It’s Christmas, Dammit!” merchandise. (alternative title: "Wish me a Merry Christmas or Go to Hell")

So what has Jim been up to lately? From the Chicago Tribune:
Airwaves shouldn’t be open to vile politics

The 60-second commercial that began airing last week on WLS-AM 890 is almost too toxic to quote. The basic thrust was that Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is part of a traitorous Jewish conspiracy that engineered the 9/11 attacks.

Only in the quick tag line at the end–”Paid for by Jim Condit Jr. for Congress”–was there a clue why the station had apparently abandoned a long-standing tradition among mainstream broadcasters not to sell airtime to peddlers of paranoid, prejudicial poison.

Federal Communications Commission regulations require that broadcasters sell airtime to legally qualified political candidates prior to elections. And at first, WLS general manager John Gallagher thought the station had no choice but to air Condit’s spots.

Even though he’s just a write-in candidate. Even though he’s running in an Ohio district more than 300 miles from Chicago. Even though, last time he ran, he received just 10 votes. Even though it’s obvious his candidacy is a pretext for violating the spirit and intent of the law.


WLS afternoon drive host Roe Conn had a great response to discourage future opportunists: He said he will personally donate $6,500, the amount Condit paid WLS, to the Jewish United Fund and the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation.
Nice one Roe!

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