Monday, November 13, 2006

Mail about mikva'os

As I've mentioned before, I'm pleased to count among my fans a big heiliga/admar/gaon who often writes me warm letters of encouragement. Here's his latest:
Dear DovBear:

I am sorry to say that horrible stories about mikva'os are 100% true -- and then some.

L'aniyas da'ati, all mikvaos for men should be off limits to any children. No child under the age of 18 should go. Period.

I personally know of many many boys who were molested in mikva'os.

I am in close contact with an ex-chassidishe young adult who, over time, was raped by at least 10 men; among them, rebbeim, often in mikvaos.

About a year ago, I almost contacted the department of health and informed them of what is going on in mikvaos. (that would mean that i .............. 'massered' --- gasp!!)

I may one day.

Keep shining light in the dark corners. You may save a kid's life.

Your friend,
[The Heilga/Admar.]

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