Monday, November 20, 2006

More blogging takanos

Actually, these were the vert first "blogging takanos" and they were written by Channa, last Friday. When I went back to the comment thread three days later, I didn't see - or remember - her contributions, contributions that include originating the game itself.

Sorry Chana

Found here:

1. Thou shalt not blog about any topic that deals disparagingly with any member of society that dons the black hat

2. Thou shalt not blog about any topic that claims that we the Jews are at odds with the Republican party

3. Thou shalt not blog in order to advocate for free-thinking, open-mindedness, the ability to read books (ye must reinstate Fahrenheit 451)

4. Thou shalt not allow the name of R' Nosson Natan Slifkin to exit thy lips

5. Thou shalt not question (this is policy on a whole. Don't question. Anything.)

6. Thou shalt beg forgiveness from and for the seeking flocks that have come to thy blog and been tempted and misled by thy trickery

7. Thou shalt moderate all thy comments, and delete those that are obscene in nature, or suggest the commentator does not believe in thy God

8. Thou shalt instate the totalitarian and authoritarian regime on thy blog

9. Thou shalt look for guidance when it comes to topics from he the great Blogging Rabbi, who shall determine whether thy topic is or is not appropriate

10. Thou shalt aid in covering up all scandals, defamation and other bad things spread about organizations whose sterling image we wish to support at all times, never mind whether or not it's true

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