Friday, April 28, 2006

Will you be in DC on Sunday?

There's a rally scheduled for Sunday in Washington D.C. for the purpose of urging the lazy-do-nothing President to intervene to stop the genocide in Darfur, Sudan. I won't be there, and having just called the president a "lazy-do-nothing" I suppose I feel a little bit guilty.

My feelings of guilt are personal, but also communal. So far as I know not one YU Rosh Yeshiva has said anything about the rally, and also as far as I know, none of them are going. Why aren't they signing a joint letter announcing a chiyuv to participate? Why aren't the encouraging their students to attend? What they each should do is bring their shiur as a group, the way R. Lichtenstein did in the 60's, for some rally at UN headquarters about a famine in Africa. He made his talmidim get up at 6:30, gave shiur at 7:30, and off they went.

Why isn't YU doing that on Sunday? UPDATE from "Yo": Rav Blau spoke in the Bais Midrash about our communal chiyuv to attend on Wendsday night. There are busses and multiple Roshie Yeshiva attending. DB: Fantastic!

Are any Orthodox shuls sending buses? (I know of two) I'm sure there are more but I'll bet there are many, many, more Conservative and Reform shuls participating. What does that say about us, and does this passivity (my own included) deny us the right to scream about how Evil America did nothing during the holocaust? What are WE (and I mean ME, too; no I mean ME especially) doing during THIS holocaust?

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Wise men are silent; fools talk.

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