Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have some bad news for those of you who hate the New York Times.

Today's headline about last night's events in Borough Park gave you nothing to chew on: "An Arrest Sets Off a Protest by Orthodox Jews" is how the Timesmen slugged it, and the story itself was stuffed in the B section.

Meanwhile, look at the fiery language employed on the front page by the other news outfits around town

Mobs set fires in Brooklyn: New York Daily News
Hundreds storm streets after arrest in Brooklyn neighborhood: Newsday

Of the four, only the Times stayed away from negative language like "mob," "clash," and "storm."

I'll leave it to the editors of Cross Currents to explain why the Times demonstrated more restraint than those papers more commonly thought to be friendly to the Jewish people.

Update: In Israel, I am afraid, the paper was no kinder: Brooklyn Hassidim riot after arrest: Jerusalem Post

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