Monday, April 17, 2006


The post about the three little Jews: My point here was that Judaism should not be making claims it can't support; rather once a so-called Jewish claim is conclusivly disproven Judaism should retreat gallantly to claims that have not or can not be disproven. As a people, we should embrace the idea that no authentically Jewish idea could ever be proven wrong; therefore the fact that science has shown us that the universe is billions of years old, or the fact that the scholarly study of manuscripts and older Jewish documents has demonstrated that our Torah is not letter-for-letter the Torah Joshua took across the Jordan should be taken to mean that the 6000 year old universe and the Rambam's 8th were never authentically Jewish ideas in the first place.

The post about g'broks: I acknowledge happily that not everyone who shuns g'broks is a snob and a scold; unfortunately many g'broks-avoiders I've met do believe that eating g'broks is a sign of prikas ol, and they do half harangue me to give it up. This is aggravating because it is exactly backwards. They are the ones who have departed from past practices, not me. Yet, I who keep the old ways am called modern.

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